All Pakistani Networks EID Gift Offers 2022

Here are the All Pakistani Networks Ramadan Gift Offers 2022. Ramadan also known as Ramzan, Is the period of communal, introspection in the mosque for Muslims. This month is a blessing month for all Muslims around the world. During this month in Pakistan, All telecommunication companies working in that country provide special offers to their customers. This year all networks have announced some cheap and free internet packages in Ramadan, The amount of free internet could be smaller but it exists.

Free Internet in Pakistan
Free Internet in Pakistan

If you’re here to get offers from all the networks, Then you are in right place. We have listed these packages in perfect sort. But you will have to read this article from start to end. We have explained these offers with all the instructions which you Need to Know About.



Jazz is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. Providing all the internet services all around the country. It has offered a lot of cheap and free internet packages for a limited time during this Ramadan. We have picked up some major official jazz offers also we are here with some working tricks. As you know code works for one time, On the second time won’t get free internet by dialing the same code. So this happens, You may have to move for other working tricks as I have explained below.

JAZZ X NESTLE – Jazz 30 GBS Free Internet

A Mobile operator, Jazz company has collaborated with Nestle. You can take advantage of this collaboration between Jazz and Nestle Because jazz is providing free internet if you buy the Fruita vitals pack. Keep in mind that some lucky customers can get this offer which offers itself jazz. You may not get free internet on the first try. But for making it sure you will have to try again and again.

Try the following steps to get Jazz Free Internet 

  • Firstly buy Fruita Vitals Pack and scratch it
  • Customers can find this code behind the Vitals Pack Lid
  • This offers redeemed code on ” *145 12 digits  code and # ”
  • Keep in mind the code you got can be used once
  • Multiple codes can be applied to get more internet
  • This offer only valid for prepaid customers of jazz

Jazz Free Internet Codes

In this paragraph jazz, and free internet codes can be seen. As you all know free internet using tricky is totally tricky process. So some of the customers wanted to avail it by dialing just 1 tine code. So this kind of code can be seen here.

1st Method To Get Free-Net Using Code

  • This is the package offered as a child offers, To avail that just dial *832#
  • Using that code customers will get 5 GB of Free internet on their jazz prepaid sim
  • So use now this offer and code to get immediately 5000 MB For Free

5 GB Free Internet Code

This paragraph contains jazz 5 GB Free internet code. Here we have shown some codes to get 5000 MB on your jazz prepaid sim along with its instructions. So get these offers, You will have to read this paragraph from start to end.

  • To get 5GB Dial *117*9# and activate this one immediately
  • To Check the Remaining MBS Of This Offer Dial *117”91*2#

Jazz Free Internet WebTunnel

This is the big trick which I am gonna show you. Using this way you may avail of unlimited free internet on your jazz prepaid sim. For that, you all have to follow all the steps which I am gonna show you in a while. Keep in mind that sometimes it doesn’t work. When it doesn’t work you can use free internet on jazz by dialing codes as I have stated above.

Ways to use WebTunnel To Get Internet

  • First of all, install WebTunnel from Google Playstore
  • After installing it on your device, Just open it
  • While opening that one select any free server and cast for paste this in the header
  • And then port should be: 80
  • Now Most perfect HTTP2
  • Now tap on connect icon to connect it with the server

So yeah, That was the way to use it for free. It’s a brilliant trick to get rid of high amount internet packages.

Jazz 4G SIM Free Internet Offer

Jazz is the first-ever telecommunication company that has established early 4G internet services around Pakistan. It also has provided 4G internet service in backward areas. Now Jazz is offering some best and most cheap internet packages to its 4G Sim customers. Before activating these offers make sure your sim card is 4G.

  • Prepaid users can check their sim status that sim is 4G or 3G, So to check that just dial *443*7# to check your own sim status. That’s pretty simple, You can say
  • If you’re not going with a 4G Sim card or you haven’t a 4G sim then just go to any franchise of jazz and buy a new brand 4G SIM.
  • After having 4G Sim, dial *443*30# to activate this offer on your prepaid sim of jazz.

Jazz 20 New Code of Ramzan-2022
*678*53# Free 5GB
*974*78#. free 10GB Code
*995*1#. 4000MB Free
*6677#. 3000MB code
*6457*86#. 500MB Whatsapp
*994*3#. 700MB internet
*8536*8#. Unlimited internet
*9535*23#. Free internet 7GB
*991*56#. 20GB free
*765*42#. 14GB free
*9974*45#. 2000MB again again free
*886*45#. 100MB free
*9752#. 26GB Free
*99766*45#. 80GB Free
*985*46#. 3500MB



Zong is also considered of the top telecommunication companies working in Pakistan. Zong has won some titles for its best services around the country. Zong is the first ever to introduce 5G In Pakistan. It has also offered some cheap net packages in Ramadan 2022. Zong customers can easily activate these free packages. If you’re looking for Zong free internet, Then you’re on the right page. Here we will show some free net codes and some free net Tricks.

Free Zong Browser Offer

If you have a Zong sim then you can activate the Free Browser offers.

  • Open your dial pad and dial *537*2# to get 1500 MBS Data on zong prepaid 4G SIM
  • To enjoy 500 Free MBS Data On Zong Dial *56*8*23#
  • Dial *7863*86# From your Zong sim and enjoy 1GB For free
  • You can easily get 2GB Zong Data By Dialing *117*111*2# on your Zong prepaid sim
  • Dial *44# or *102# to get 4GB of Free internet

These codes I stated above can be used to get free internet on your zong. Just dial any code which is available below and use free internet.

Zong SIM Lagao Offer

Do you have a Zong sim? But you have not used it for a while?. Then there is good news for you. Just activate your inactive sim and get free internet on that prepaid Zong sim. To avail of this offer just dial *2222# from your dial-pad

Free Facebook Zong Code

Facebook is the most used social app in Pakistan. If you’re also a user of it then we have good news for you. Now Zong prepaid customers can use Facebook for free with Zero Charges. Using this offer you can get unlimited Facebook on your Facebook.

Here is the way to make it happen

  • Firstly go to Facebook
  • And then Login To Your Facebook Account
  • Open The setting and drop it a bit
  • Now Enable Free Facebook Mode

This is that using it you can use Facebook for free. Use this method if you are really wanting to use Facebook for free.

Zong NEW Sim Offer

If you have purchased a new Zong sim then you can get free internet on that as well as you can avail of some free Call Minutes and Messages. By Activating this new offer bundle you can get 2 GBS Free Internet Data for just 3 Days.

  • Package Cost: 0 PKR
  • Validity Of Offer: 3 Days
  • Activation Code: *10#
  • Get 2 GBS Free Internet Data free of cost.

Some Tricks To Get Zong Free Internet

Here are some Tricks to get Zong free Internet. These are the working tricks that can be easily used to get rid of the high amount of internet packages. When any code doesn’t work then you may have to apply these tricks to get the free net on your Zong sim card.

Zong Trick No. 1

Here we are gonna tell you the First trick to get cheap internet on your Zong sim.

  • Open Google Playstore and search ”UC Handler”
  • Install UC Handler From PlayStore and Google
  • Open it and set up: Real Proxy
  • Type Should Be: HTTP
  • Proxy Server:
  • Port: 80

Keep in mind that you will have to install Yoga VPN and keep connected with the default setting. After that, you can easily enjoy free internet in UC Handler. Sometimes speed could be slow, but you can use free.

Zong Trick No. 2

Here we are gonna tell you the second trick to get cheap internet on your Zong sim. The first trick showed which can be used in UC Handler but in this trick you can use the internet in UC Browser.

  • Open Google Playstore and search ”UC Browser’
  • Install UC Browser From PlayStore and Google
  • Open it and go to the setting
  • And now open access points 
  • And here you will have to create new access points
  • APN: Zong Internet
  • And Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • After doing that setting, Customers can enjoy free internet just in the UC browser

Zong 130 GB Free Internet 

Here we have explained how you can get Zong 130 GB Free internet. The method I am going to show you is just simple as you want it. So let’s get started with that brilliant trick.

The First step is to install UC Browser from the google play store. It can be reached by searching it on the google play store. After installing it, Now launch it on your mobile phone. After opening it Write in the google search bar “” and now you will be automatically redirected to the Kproxy Website, Now you can easily enjoy free internet.

4G Free-Net From My Zong App

There are many ways to get free internet on a Zong sim card. But keep in mind that these offers are limited you will have to activate any Zong internet package to get more internet. The trick we’re discussing is not a very new offer, Zong is providing it many times ago. After applying that offer you can instantly get 4000 MB on your Number If you’re eligible for that. But the thing I don’t like is that we can’t get this offer again and again. So after getting one time we may have to go for any Zong internet package.

My Zong App

So here are the ways to get 4GB of free mobile data on your Zong sim card

  • First, open Playstore and search for ”My Zong” App
  • After searching it, Now install it on your device
  • Launch it and register your mobile number
  • After registering in that, You will get an SMS Of 4GB of Free net
  • If still, the internet is not working, In this case, restart your phone and hopefully, it will work
  • Keep remembering you can avail this offer once not many times



Telenor is the world’s largest telecommunication company working around the world. It is also working in Pakistan too. Telenor has also announced some cheap and free internet packages this Ramadan. So, If you’re here to get free internet on your Telenor sim no matter if your sim is 4G Or 3G. You will be able to get free internet. Here we have shown some codes and tricks to get internet free on that sim this Ramadan.

Telenor Free-Net Codes (Updated)

There are many ways to get a free net on Telenor. But firstly we are gonna show some codes to get free internet. So follow the below instructions to get free-of-cost internet on your Zong sim card.

  • Open your mobile dial pad and dial *888# and use the internet for a week.
  • Try *345*75# to avail more internet, and also Telenor users can try*345*88#
  • To get 500 MBS Data, You’ll have to dial *5*700#, It is valid for 7 Days
  • To get free Facebook and Whatsapp offer just dial *5*325# or *331# (1GB Free)
  • You can activate Telenor’s free internet offer by dialing *345*7777# or *345*818# or *345*991#
  • If the above codes are not working, You can also try *345*546# or *991#
  • And to get 2GB Telenor Free internet just dial *345*1004# or *345*477# from your Telenor prepaid sim

My Telenor App

My Telenor App is a very useful app for all Telenor users. Using this app you can activate any internet package from here. It also shows your own number, If you have forgotten your own Telenor number, Then it can be checked from here. Here you also can control all the happening related to your number. Recently Telenor has announced 1 GB of Free internet, For those who install the My Telenor App for the first time. If you haven’t installed this app yet. Then follow the instructions as I have stated below.

First of all, install it from the google play store, if you’re unable to reach it out then search it ”My Telenor”. Now install it. After installing just launch it to your mobile and create your new account. This account can be created by providing your own Telenor number. After successfully creating your account you will get 1GB of internet on your sim.

Telenor Free Internet VPN

The trick I am gonna explain here is the brilliant trick to using free internet on your Telenor sim. In this method, we will use a VPN to get free internet on our Telebor sim card.

To avail of this offer, We may have to follow these instructions

  • Firstly open Google play store and search for ”SUPER VPN”
  • So Install ”SUPER VPN” For That
  • Now launch this on your device
  •  After launching it you can see many servers
  • so connect it with the united states server and get free internet.

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