How To Hide Photo From Gallery On Android Mobile 2020

Hello friends in this article we are discussion about that How To Hide Photo From Gallery On Android Mobile 2020. You can simple way to hide any photo from gallery very easily in your android. For this purpose i recommended you that completely read this article for understand. Friends do you know about this if not then i will fully disussion about this article. We can hide photo from gallery with different way,s and different applications. But today i will share you three amazing and easy way helps to hide any photo from gallery. These three applications are working and these helps to we can hide any photo without any problem. All applications installing process explained the end of this article so you should read it for install in your android.

Application 1
This application name is calculator – photo vault hide photos on android. Friends fast of all open this application in your android after installing. When you can open it on your android so you can see easily and simple interface. Now we see some permission of this applications. You should allow these permission for use in your android. and long press for use it then click on next button and page will next. Then select your pattern then confirm this pattern in your application. After doing it then write your answer in answer bar of this application. After puting your option now you can see recorvery email option if want to select your mail then put into mail for password recorvery. When forget yoru password so its helps to recover it. After selecting the recovery email. Then now we can see some option first number you see photos option 2nd number see videos option and last number you can see file option. If you want to hide your video then you can hide very simple. Many person need to hide his personal files. Now they hide our file very easily in this calculator application. Now we dissuss about our main topic for this purpose open photos option and then click on plus bar and select your photos. When selected photos then you can  hide your photos from your gallery very easily. This is the 1st way helps to hide your photo very esily. If you want to hide your android application then left slide to side this application. After sliding it then see a app hide option. Then click on it after clicking here then press on plus bar and select yor any android app and hide your application in this app.

Application 2

2nd application name is lockmypix helps to hide your photo very easily. Fast of all open it and allow all permission of this application. After opening it then choose your pin and then confirm your same pin. After confirming yourn pin then select your email for recovery password. Then press on plus icon this applicatio and select your photo. After selecting your photo then hide your picture,s very easliy from android gallery.

Application 3

3rd photo hider application name is keepsafe photo helps to also hide our pic from android mobile gallery. Open it and allow some permission of keepsafe applications. After allowimg then hide your photo from gallery very easily simpley press on plus button then select your photo. Hide with your choicing password.

How To Install These Applications.

Friends if you don,t know that how to install these application in your android mobile. For this purpose we do a simple work that open google playstore in your android. After installing it then you should open search bar of playstore. After finding the search bar of google playstore now type these application name in google playstore search bar. When you can search it then see result about these application. Now press on install option and install in your android. This easily way helps to install these applications on our android mobile.

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