Privacy policy is only for educational purposes to teach peoples and introduced peoples about technology and tell him something informative about android Apps. So the main purpose of this site is educational purpose. Wo does not take anything of thing of visitors. This site is free for visitors to get knowledge.

My Site’s main purpose is related by android apps so we can focus it. We can write a special articles on different android applications. New and latest applications article,s read on this my site. You can read all types detail and information of any android applications. Because our website made name on apkdownloadus. So we can provide all about android apps. If you are interested in android apps then you can enjoy our useful article,s.

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Whole the content research from the android application. We can use android application and research on our applications that this application is legal or not. We complete our research then we can write special articles on their app.

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Our site’s main mission is about android apps. We can knowledge about android applications. Our mission is to provide everything about android apps like how we can install and use any android application on our android mobile. We can provide simple process to use any android app without any problem on any android.


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