Top 3 Messaging Application In The World On Google Playstore

Top 3 messaging application about discussed in this article. Today i will telling you top 3 messaging application in the world and google playstore. Friends if you a android users then you impartant users of these three application and i hope you can already installed these application in our android mobile. These android apps helps to message with friend very easily using internet connection and wifi connection. These amazing android applications helps to send voice sms with simple way. These applications helps to share any awesome emoji with friends and brother or sister etc. If you want chat with friends and also send voice message and any emoji then you should install these applications from google playstore. Even these applications helps to video call with any person very easily. In this article i will tell you that how to use these apps and how to install these applications so i recommended you that fully completely read this article. When you can install these apps then i hope you get enjoy from these best applications.

1ST Application Of Android

1st application name is whatsapp for android mobile phone. Whatsapp is very famous application in the world and also google playstore. Whatsapp about know everyone and know every android mobile users. Whatsapp provide messaging feature and provide voice message option also send on whatsapp emoji very easily and with simple way. If you want chat with friends on internet then you should try whatsapp application on android. Whatsapp app provide video calling and audio calling feature. Its helps to video call with friends relatives or our family. Whatsapp provide amazing and unbeliveable features on whatsapp application. Sure every person know about whatsapp application. Mostly android mobile users are know about whatsapp application and using this application also installed on android.

2ND Application Of Android

2nd application name is facebook messenger. Mostly facebook users use also messenger in android for chat with our family sister and brother etc. Messenger is the best chating application in the world and on google playstore. Messenger helps to video call and voice call with any person using internet connection or wifi. Messenger helps to send voice and write sms even emoji,s very easily. If you want get these messenger features then you need install this messenger applicatin from google playstore.

3rd Application Of Android

3rd application name is imo for android. Imo is famous about video calling with hd feature. Imo helps to video call with friends in another country with clear voice. Imo is the best video calling and chating app in the world or google playstore. Many installer of imo application in google playstore. Install this application on android then enjoy these features.

How To Install These Applications On Android Mobile

These application installing process are explained in this paragraph. For this purpose you should fast of all open google playstore then click on search bar of google playstore. After finding the search bar of google playstore then you should search these application name,s. When you can search these then google playstore provide you result about these apps. Now you need press on install icon for install these on android. This simple way to install these applications very easily.

Using Process Of Top 3 Applications In The World On Google Playstore

After installing these application now you can open on android. When open these android then you should allow the permission of these one application. Then you should allow this permission for use on android. When you got permission to these apps so now you can use it on android very easily.

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