10 Top WhatsApp Alternative Apps 2021

WhatsApp is one of the top Messaging App whole the world. Billion people use it to do chat with their loved ones. Even they use the messaging App for calls with their family members and others. The App is Facebook-owned and now going to lose its trust. Because after the recent Privacy update people are switching from there to protect their privacy.

In the recent update, WhatsApp is going to share the user’s data with Facebook. Now Facebook will introduce ads at the base of users. After this controversy, the Android and IOS users are finding the WhatsApp Alternative App. Don’t worry I have the list of Top 10 Top WhatsApp Alternative Apps 2021. That can help you to connect with your lovers. Ilauncher Apk

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

WhatsApp Alternative Apps can protect your data as you want. If you are looking for a trusted messaging App that protects your privacy. Then may you have to take on the look at these App and have to try. Millions of people are using these Alternatives App to do call and chat.

Alternative App developed for messaging and Calling purposes. Here’s the list of 10 Top and Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps, You may have to install and try.

1.Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

The signal is the private messenger App that protects the users’ data. In the description, the signal cleared that we protect your data 100% and respect privacy. The App is free to use And has a simple interface similar to WhatsApp.  A big number of people use the signal App to install communication. Provides the facilities of Video And Audio calling.

The App can protect your privacy with end-to-end encryption. However, WhatsApp also provides the same feature and now cleared that on its Facebook. Using the signal App you can send quick Messages during slow signals and now optimized the delivering messages speed.

2. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the internet Market. The App contains pure messaging, Instant Message delivery, Video and Audio calling and can send HD Videos. Telegram has over 400 Million active users. The App is going to beat WhatsApp due to its better facilities for privacy. And has a double tick feature After reading the SMS.

On the second-hand end to end, encrypted protection should be manual to preventing the storage of the message. The App provides powerful photo and editing tools to make your own photo more stylish you want. Telegram does not sell any kind of ads and other things related to that.

3. Discord

Discord Messenger
Discord Messenger App

Discord is another messaging App that appearing in the top list of WhatsApp Alternative Apps. Here you can get similar features to WhatsApp. You can use the App for the purpose of communication. Discord is a powerful platform where you can call video and audio calls.

Using discord you can make more servers if you are wondering to add more persons. The App is available on Android, IOS, Linux, and Web for free of cost. A better free messaging App and you can say it better than WhatsApp according to its privacy protection.

4. Bridgefy


If you are looking for the best WhatsApp alternative Apps regarding privacy protection and instant message sharing App. Then may you have to never miss Bridgefy. The App is a free messaging app and it works without the internet ”Offline. Bridgefy lets you communicate with everyone. No, do communicate no need the internet connection.

Bridgefy can use a Bluetooth antenna in case you have no net connection. Similarly to other messaging Apps, It also provides end to end encrypted. And the app appears in the top messaging app and trusted App. Both user android mobile and IOS Can install that easily.

5. Kik

Kik Messenger
Kik Messenger

Kik is a powerful secure App and looking for a better app regarding privacy than it can amazing app. Kik does not give your mobile number to make a profile on that. If you want to make private your phone number, Then make account on that. Just enter your email id and then enter Unique username which will appear on your profile.

Afterwards, you will get a unique username and now your account is ready. Kik let you to do message with instant delivery and you can do video and audio calling. It’s a big secure app because it does not take your phone, Which is one of the big part of privacy. Use it if you are going to private your phone number.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat App

Snapchat is the quick process to share the fun and the lovely moments of the day and life. It’s a big platform to share story. Snapchat let you to do communicate with peoples without providing your personal privacy details. This is the one of the biggest messaging app that can help you to communicate with friends and family members. Using snapchat keep stay touch with your friends.

One feature i love that users can video call up to 16 members at same time. Huge number of filers and effects are available there, Which you can use to customize your stories. You can use it as a WhatsApp alternative App. Even here you can do live messaging. And the tech experts highly recommend to this App.

7. Skype

Skype Messenger
Skype Messenger

If we talk about world’s top video calling and messaging app then skype will come in the list. Skype is the comfortable video and audio calling App that comes in the best App for vide calling. Here you can send messages with instant delivery. It is powered by most trusted company microsoft. It provides you powerful features from WhatsApp.

Similarly here you can send messages and can connect with your loved ones. And also can do video calling with unlimited members can add in this call by creating the group. You can download it on Android, IOS, Microsoft and web free. This is the of the best App can help you to switch from WhatsApp.

8. Keybase


Keybase is the secure messaging App that comes in the list of top messaging App. If you are looking for the best secure messaging App which is WhatsApp Alternative. Then you can try it, Because it provides end to end encrypted feature to protect your privacy. Keybase doesn’t allow you to take a screen of anyone chat. So this feature can protect your’s privacy 100%.

To connect with anyone on Keybase, You don’t need to their number and email address. Which means no one can see your phone and email address, Neither can keybase. You can use it on your android, IOS, MacOS and windows for free, No have to pay anything there.

9. Viber

Viber Messenger
Viber Messenger

Viber is the App that can beat the audience of WhatsApp. It is the top communication App for internet users. Viber is Simple, Easy, Fast and more secure messaging App that can secure your’s privacy-free of cost. Even it provides end to end encryption in calls, Video calls, Messages and documents. Viber have feature of unlimited calls. And here you can arrange a meeting with your businessmen and loved ones.

The look of Viber is looking amazing and beautiful as compared to WhatsApp. Before switching to WhatsApp messenger may you have to try it.

10. Threema


If you are data is more important and have some premium things and want to protect them without doubt. Then you have to use Threema. It’s the best platform to secure your data like messages and video calls. Threema is the best messaging messenger. Here you can send messages and receive with instant delivery.

But here you can to pay about $2.99. But it’s not a big deal, Your data is more important and worth is your data keep remember. Threema is the best app to protect your data 100%.


There are 10 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps, That can let you to move from WhatsApp. By the way WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy and now will give your privacy like your Phone number, IP Idress and want more you want private.

We mentioned the ten best WhatsApp Alternatives Apps above. Make sure your data is secure, No matter which App you are using.

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